Bad Decisions

For the next week, I’ll be traveling to big cities on the east coast as part of a week long road trip vacation with Chris.

Today was our first day on the road and we departed shortly after church. We stopped for dinner in Ohio, which presented an excellent opportunity to enjoy Skyline Chili. If you’ve never had Skyline, where have you been? It’s unique, tasty and can only be found in states east of Illinois. I’m a fan of the 4-way with beans– a delictable combination of spaghetti noodles, chili, beans and lots-o-cheese.

My husband, Chris is a multi-tasker and enjoys eating while we drive. But Chris doesn’t care for Skyline so he picked up a fast food meal at another restaurant.

Skyline is a dine-in kind of place. A 4-way is typically quite messy and unflattering to eat. But, I couldn’t pass up a Skyline opportunity and Chris wanted to get on the road, so I agreed to get mine to-go.

Look at the picture. This is clearly a bad idea waiting to happen.

Here’s what I’ve learned about bad decisions– On the surface, they always seem like great ideas. Deep down, I’m always leery. Something in my gut says, “Alert! alert! This decision could result in messy and unfortunate results.” Note: You should always listen to this voice, lest you end up with Skyline down your pants and an upset stomach later.


5 Responses

  1. Ha! Great word picture. But I think I’d rather have skyline running down my pants than going down my throat. Yuck!

  2. Ahahahahahahaha……oh friend.

  3. Oh no, Christopher (middle name) Sandel … you are so wrong. I think you were trying to sabotage this whole thing by making her eat chili in the car.

    Shame on you Chris. At least you got to make up for it by eating a REAL Philly cheesesteak (I’m jealous).

  4. I’m also amused that one of the “related posts (automatically generated)” for this post is a weight-loss challenge.

  5. Melissa, I didn’t realize when you took your new role that you love Skyline, but I’m sure the Holy Spirit led us your direction because of it. However, as an expert in Skylinology and a guy who starred in a Skyline Chili radio commercial (no kidding), I don’t know what possessed you to try to eat it in the car. Your best excuse is that even messy Skyline is better than no Skyline. I’m a 4-way onion guy. And, I usually have a Skyliner with everything on the side. If you know what that is, you’re a true believer. My wife rolled her eyes when, just after we moved to IL, she fixed Skyline for me only to hear me say, “The cheese is grated differently than the way Skyline does it.” She looks like a tiny woman from North Carolina, but I’m lucky to be walking again.

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