Volunteer Excellence

We’ve been roaming around Pennsylvania historic sites recently. The early summer drive around Gettysburg was magnificent, our stroll around Valley Forge was informative and our historic tour around patriotic Philadelphia was enlightening. (If you ever head to Philly, check out Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell and a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich.)

At each stop, we’ve encountered both volunteers and paid staff who specialize in assistings tourists in maximizing their experiences. Some of these guides have been fantastic, going out of their way to leave their post and show us around. These people totally make the experience! They ooze enthusiasm about the historical site where they’re serving.

We met a historical park ranger at Independence Hall today who went the extra mile to do out-of-the ordinary things for us. He had an accute knowledge of his enviornment and was an articulate communicator about the history of this major historical marker.

In comparison, we had another tour guide at a nearby site who stumbled over his words, which were dispassionate at best. He communicated minimal knowledge about his surroundings. It really detracted from the experience.

I’m reminded what a key role volunteers play on Sunday mornings in the local church. Invaluable are greeters who leave their post to show a guest around. Priceless are servant-leaders who ooze with passion about their church, know what’s happening in various ministry areas and go out of their way to maximize the experience of each guest.

Church staff and volunteers alike honor God when they bring their A-game each and every week. There’s no letting up. You never know who might be visiting for the first time and the impact you can have in even the shortest interaction.


2 Responses

  1. Melissa,

    I love reading your stuff. Keep posting! I miss your knowledge and passion!

  2. Hey

    Could I borrow Freakonomics after you’re finished with it???

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