Would You Rather?

My husband, Chris, is a jr. high minister. Consequently, he knows tons of car games and riddles meant to keep jr. high kids occupied on road trips or while standing in line at Six Flags. If you’ve never been on a road trip with Chris, he’s quite entertaining.

Chris owns a student ministry resource that’s particularly interesting– a series of books called “Would You Rather?” These are discussion questions meant to keep groups thinking and connecting about off-the-wall, hypothetical decisions. Would you rather lose your big toe or your index finger? Would you rather have no sense of humor or no common sense? They’re goofy, they’re fun and thankfully they’re imaginary scenarios!

Sometimes the questions are more serious. Here’s my personal favorite– Would you rather spend three years planting churches with the Apostle Paul or spend 30 minutes with Jesus?

I’m a proponent of the three years of church planting with Paul. It seems like the most selfless option. I already know Christ and can’t wait to spend an eternity with him. I’m concerned about the millions of people who will never have that opportunity.

Chris (and nearly everyone else we’ve talked to) readily votes for the 30 minutes with Jesus option, based on the argument that nothing could be better than spending time with the Son of God.

But seriously folks… what greater honor is there than getting beat down for the cause of Christ? I don’t want to be a Martha, but what’s 30 minutes of personal time with Jesus if millions are separated from him forever?

This has been a humorously heated debate at many a dinner party at the Sandel house in the past. Some have all but convinced me I’m a bad person for choosing Paul over Jesus. Maybe I am. Yeeks! Glad these questions are hypothetical.

How about you? Would you rather spend three years planting churches with the Apostle Paul or spend 30 minutes with Jesus?


4 Responses

  1. I believe you are right on this Melissa. If I read the NT correctly, I would actually be spending 30 minutes with Jesus as I am planting churches with Paul. Nothing more exciting than witnessing the Gospel take the world by storm.

  2. You do make a good case- particularly the point about us getting to spend eternity with Jesus. But for me, the draw of getting to see him in the here and now is pretty strong- I have a couple questions I’d really like answered, and while Paul could probably give some decent advice, I’d prefer it straight from the source…

  3. I wonder what Paul would think if he knew you would rather spend 3 years with him instead of spending 30 minutes with Jesus.

  4. I like what you say, it is profoundly wise and ambitious, but even PAUL HIMSELF WOULD OPT FOR THE 30 MINUTES!

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