My First Post

Well, I’ve finally succumbed to the peer pressure. I’ve started a blog. This is a monumental day for me because for months (and perhaps years) I’ve been rebelling against the call to blog-it-up. Let’s put it this way… my friend Bethany set up this blog for me in May 2007 and it’s sat empty ever since.

I’ve been slow to warm up to the blogging idea for several reasons. First, I’m married to a prolific blogger. My husband, Chris, makes blogging look like an art form. He posts hilarious stuff 3.8 times per day on average. I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with the standard he’s set. I just don’t want to be known as the lousy blogger in the house… know what I mean?

But blogging also implies that people care about what you have to say. To be honest, my life isn’t much more exciting than the next person’s and I’ve always figured people have more than enough stuff to occupy their time as it is.

But for what it’s worth, I’m going to give this thing a shot. No promises about what it will look like. I’m not innately creative or funny. All I can do is pass along what God’s teaching me in the midst of my ordinary life. Perhaps, on occassion, a few other moments of humor and randomness will show up along the way as well.

Maybe now I can be like all the cool kids.